Luc Chartrand : Votre conseiller financier
I believe in challenging
the status quo

in the investment field
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People would have better control
their financial destiny

if they knew where and how
their money was invested

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innovative opportunities

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Luc Chartrand

Dealing representative in
Exempt Markets and mutual funds



  • I graduated from L’Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal in 1986 and I worked as a civil project engineer for the following 10 years.
  • I completed the Canadian Securities Course in 1996 and received my diploma as a securities broker.
  • I Graduated from Laval University with a diploma in financial planning and as a CLU in Life insurance and now have more than 20 years of experience as a financial security advisor.
  • I was exposed to the exempt market in 2014 and for me, it was a revelation. Since then, I believe that every investor should know about this market that defies the status quo in investing.
  • I believe that it can be very difficult for an investor to optimize its portfolio diversification using only traditional markets.
  • I believe that by adding assets non-related to the traditional markets, stocks or bonds, any financial portfolio would be much more diversified.
  • I believe that adding private fix income, real estate, land development projects or even some start-up projects will increase the diversification of the portfolio thus reducing its volatility.
  • My goal is to introduce my clients to investment opportunities in the private market, with total peace of mind. As a result, they will be more aware and in better control of their financial destiny.
  • My objective is to build solid relationship and partnership with my clientele and create together their financial plan to achieve their short term, mid-term and long term financial goals. Thru my many years of education and experience, my mission is always to bring the highest quality of service with the utmost integrity to all.


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