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Agrotech Ventures Inc.

A little over a year ago, Cape Cove Financial Management started to distribute its first bond with a basket of private companies as its underlying assets. Agrotech Ventures Inc. invested in these companies, 6 in total, in the form of venture capital.

Consult this one-pager or the complete presentation on Agrotech.

The bond, which can be subscribed in cash or through a registered plan, provides the investor with an interest return of 10% per year for 3 years, interest paid quarterly. Eventually, the manager will liquidate all those positions and there will be profit sharing, 75% of which are intended for investors.

The maximum amount allowed, originally, was set at $5 million, which has been completed. The money was invested in 6 companies that at that time had no or little income. These companies are related to the field of agriculture, food or beverages. Here is an update of the portfolio.

  • LiveWell: Agrotech had an exposure of about 1 million shares of LiveWell. The company became public on June 21, 2018. As a result of the merger with Vitality Health CBD Products, the company changed its name to Eureka 93. I invite you to read a previous blog on this topic;
  • Pharma Cielo, a marijuana and hemp company, has also become public lately. Agrotech sold its 60,000 shares at an average price of $ 9. It had acquired them at a cost of approximately $ 3.30 per share;
  • Y Kombucha is a company that produces a variety of teas with probiotics. It has just experienced her first profitable month. Growing very fast,you can buy them at the Bell Center or in grocery stores;
  • Green CBD specializes in the extraction of oil from hemp, ginger, eucalyptus or others. The land, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, rented $ 1 by the firm, was to be cleaned to allow the cultivation of hemp. The rosewood trees have been cut and a company is extracting the oil. The perfume industry is looking for this oil. There is a letter of intent for the purchase of all the production of this rose oil. The machinery for the extraction of hemp oil is on order and should be delivered shortly. It takes 3 months for a first harvest of hemp.
  • Gigrow builds vertical farms that can be used for growing vegetables and possibly cannabis (currently being tested). Fresh vegetables, 12 months a year. In addition, an exclusive contract will allow several farms to be established in France by the end of 2019;
  • Reiva is a company that exploits the root of organic beets in the field of health and sport. It now exports to China and the United States. We also find its products on Amazon.

Some of these companies required a small additional capital to know the current level of growth. To this end, an additional capital of $ 1,000,000 has been authorized for subscription purposes.Only about $ 300,000 remains available for investors.

So why talk about a product that is essentially complete and closed. It is to tell you that a new bond is coming up at Cape Cove, Capital Malina Inc. The same principle will be used. A basket of several companies specializing in the field of technology this time. An interest of 10% per year will be paid to investors with a profit sharing at the end of the bond, in 3 years. What a great opportunity to get a fixed income investment with a potential for capital growth.

Consult this product summary page or the complete presentation on Capital Malina Inc.

To learn more on this bond, here’s an overview of the products already covered by the fund, to date:

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